17 April 2010

Greetings from beautiful São Paulo, Brazil!

Carlie and I have become a little "more at home" now that we have been here in the great city of São Paulo for one whole month. For the most part, we have learned our first lesson: where and when to catch the bus to and from the Employment Center in downtown São Paulo. This doesn't sound like a critical skill to master, but I assure you that if you want to get home, a distance of probably seven or eight miles in less than an hour and a half, you need to know what bus to get on. In most cases, the buses are very crowded, and you will be standing for the entire trip.

In the last couple of days, we have taken some walks around the neighborhood where we live to acquaint ourselves with the small businesses (barbershops, hardware stores, etc) and places to eat that abound in this large city. Today we ventured out with another missionary couple to a store that sells sewing supplies, where Carlie felt right at home, and then on to a neighborhood cafe that sells breads, cheeses, pizza, sandwiches, etc. for lunch. The homes in our neighborhood are very nice, and adorned with beautiful plants and trees, and very high walls to keep intruders from getting too close.

In my last post I said that I would send some photos of the inside of our cozy apartment. This first picture is of our living room and dining room combined. The desk is up against one wall, and the couch on the other wall.

The second picture is of our "big room," the bedroom, where as you can see the double bed takes up the greatest portion of the living space. However, with the large fan on the desk against the left wall, we sleep quite comfortably throughout the night.

These next two pictures are of our kitchen. What you see is all you get. The door on the left is our outside apartment door.


The following photos are the rest of our humble abode.


In a couple of weeks we plan to move across the street into a condominium that will more than double our living space, and where we will probably stay for the next 17 months.

More pictures and adventures to be posted later in the week.



m. said...

This is so great. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone. I am in tears right now. You guys are so wonderful & very missed I know. I CANNOT WAIT for this stage of my life with Brett. It is so much fun to watch you guys doing this. You must be so in love right now! God bless...

Chelsea Pratt said...

I mean no disrespect to Megan, but I laughed when she said "you must be so in love right now." I love that she said that and hope that is the case. I guess I can safely say that either you're "so in love" or you're still married. Either way, it will only get better from here on out:) I also love looking at the pics to get an idea of life down there. I have gained a greater appreciation for the life change you're both experiencing after having been in Mexico last week! Keep the posts coming. We love you both!!! P.S., did mom get the package yet?

Vanalee said...

Thanks for the photos. Now I know what I have to look forward to :) It looks very much like the senior missionary apartments here in Tokyo, even the furniture is similar. Is your couch hard as stone like the ones here?