05 May 2010

Motorboys 1, Sister Arntsen 0

Last Friday night we decided to take a shortcut to our apartment, so we waited until there were no cars coming from our left, and all cars were stopped in the far lanes for a red light.  We ran across, and while entering the last lane I was hit by a motorbike going about 30 mph.  I felt the impact, of course, and it was really brutal.  His handlebar hit my left wrist on top of my stainless steel watch, and his foot hit my right knee.  David felt him go across his chest but no impact for him.  I knew I was seriously injured.  Of course we hobbled to the sidewalk in front of the temple, and the motorboy kept going.  My watch was broken and my wrist was swelling alarmingly.  David just held me for a few moments, and then I was able to walk.  Minimal pain, no limp.  Back in our apartment we of course had no ice, nor did any neighbors, so we put a bag of frozen chicken breasts on my swollen knee,  and I prayed and thanked the Lord that I was protected.  I knew I would be laid up the next day for sure, but I fell asleep pretty fast, and when I awoke in the morning the swelling was way down and I could walk just fine.  I think my guardian angel might be in the hospital, but I do know that someone else took the impact for me.  So other than hideous bruising I'm fine.  I don't think I'll test my blessings by jaywalking again, especially at night.  What a miracle!  Carlie