01 August 2010

A Day at the Beach in Gaurujá, Brazil

A week ago past Friday, Carlie and I traveled to Gaurujá, a small beach town north of Santos, here in the State of São Paulo, about 70 kilometers from the City of São Paulo. We again traveled with the Litsters, another missionary couple serving here in São Paulo.  They are responsible for overseeing the Seminary Program here in São Paulo. In Brazil, school is out for vacation the entire month of July (as férias), and so there were no seminary classes being held.

The drive to Gaurujá was spectacular, especially when compared to the drive to Galveston from Houston.  We had to cross a range of heavily wooded mountains that lie along the coast of Brazil.  Several miles of the journey were actually through several long tunnels, some more than a mile in length. The highways are also very spacious and in good repair. However, once we got into Gaurujá, the infrastructure was not especially good, except for the roads that took us directly to the beach.

The day was somewhat overcast and a little cool (remember, its winter here), and therefore the beaches weren't crowded, but there were several surfers in the water. We spent an hour or so walking along the Atlantic ocean, dipping our feet into the water, and wishing that we (correction- only I was wishing I) had brought a swimming suit.

As you can see, condominiums and hotels line the beach at its southern most end. On its northern end, the beach fronts a lot of smaller private beach houses. At the very northern end of the beach lies a private or exclusive community of larger homes and what appears to be an exclusive resort or hotel.

 Carlie really doesn't like to have her picture taken whenever we go anywhere, but I took it anyway. I also bribed her into letting me take a picture with the two of us standing together, and one with Carlie and the Litsters. 

You will note that even at the beach we proudly wore our missionary name plates.  I am sure everyone was wondering what the two old couples with extremely white legs were doing on their beach! And please excuse my  BYU basketball shorts and a shopping bag! I had stuff to carry!

Now you can see why Carlie was hesitant to have her picture taken with me!

Even at Brazilian beaches there is always someone trying to sell you something; in this case, it was more beachwear. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything my size....

We plan on returning to the beach when it gets warmer, either in the Spring or in the Summer.  And just maybe, I'll have to buy a bathing suit!

Before saying goodbye to Gaurujá, we did a little shopping and had a wonderful lunch together.

Carlie would also have me tell you about the special desert treat we enjoyed after dinner. It was really quite unique.  It consisted of pizza dough that was shaped and then inserted into a metal cone (like an ice cream cone).  The cone was then packed with several layers of shaved chocolate and mozzarella, and then placed into a toasting oven. After browning the pizza dough, and melting its contents, it was served to us with a paper sleeve (it was too hot to hold otherwise). To say the least, it was memorable!

We will return to Gaurujá!


Chelsea Pratt said...

You guys look so great. I can't believe there are so many people on the beach during Winter! These are fun pics and I love the BYU shorts...way to represent. The dessert sounds amazing. The water and view are a little better than Galveston:) BTW, people here are always asking about how you both are doing and want us to send you their love. Since there are too many to count, you'll just have to assume that every friend you have in Kingwood is thinking about you!

megan said...

I love it! So interesting and great pics! Keep those posts coming. So, you said the dessert was "interesting" - was is delicious too?