18 July 2010

Our Visit to the Parque da Água Branca

A week ago this past Friday was a state holiday here in São Paulo, Brazil.  The 9th of July is known as the day that the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 (also called the Paulista War) took place.

On that day, revolutionaries here in the state of São Paulo revolted against a coup d'etat perpetrated by Getúlio Vargas, under a coalition formed between the military and the political elites from three other states in Brazil. This revolutionary movement grew out of local resentment from the fact that the democratically elected president, from the state of São Paulo, was stopped from taking office. The revolt started on July 9th, and was militarily crushed 87 days later. So says Wikipedia.  By the way, it was the last major armed conflict occurring in the history of Brazil. Would that the U.S could be so lucky!

To us, it represented another opportunity to do some sightseeing. We elected to go to a local park where as advertised there was "wildlife" to see.  Quite frankly, the wildlife was limited to chickens and koi, and a small aquarium of freshwater fish.  The park also contains a museum of "rocks" and fossils. We had a fun time walking along the paths in the park with another senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Litster, and especially enjoyed some of the beautiful trees that grow here in this wonderful country.  Since our daughter, Megan, has a love affair with chickens, we took several pictures of this exotic wildlife for her to see,  and yes, some pictures of the koi pond.

Here is a picture of Carlie, as we enter the park, with a beautiful flowering tree behind her.

This strange looking building houses the public restooms, but I thought it was beautiful, a certainly exotic looking.  Birds were nesting in the many small alcoves adorning the sides of the building.

The following pictures are of beautiful Banyan trees found throughout the park.

Here are some pictures of Carlie and the Litsters amongst the Bamboo at Agua Branca.

Another exotic looking tree.

Now, it's time for exotic fish and fowl!

Two roosters below some Poinsettia bushes.

Let's take a closer look at these exotic creatures!

Finally,  a picture of a group of LDS members (young women and their leader) who saw us and wanted to have their pictures taken with us. Brazilians love the missionaries!

A fun way to spend a morning with friends! Until the next Brazilian holiday, or other free time, when we plan to visit the beach! Tchau!


megan said...

Ooooooo! Those ARE some pretty roosters & chickens! And those are some really pretty trees too. AND Mom & Dad - you guys look FANTASTIC! How fun! We need to skype with you guys - and soon!

Weston Arntsen said...

Mom and Dad you both look so great! Those trees are beautiful - fly me out there . . .

Chelsea Pratt said...

I love how interesting the foliage is there. I have never seen pointsettia bushes! Amazing trees!!! You both look great and happy and that makes us happy. Keep posting all of these beautiful, fun places. We love you!!!