25 December 2010

Christmas 2010 in São Paulo

Since this will be our only Christmas here in São Paulo, I felt it deserved a place on our blog.

Christmas in Brazil seems largely associated with gift giving; in other words, a commercial venture.  Perhaps the same thing is becoming more a reality in the USA, too.  However, the biggest difference for us was experiencing Christmas in the summertime. Notwithstanding, there were plenty of decorations on Avenida Paulista in downtown São Paulo.  Here are a few pictures of what we saw, both during the day and after dark.

This office building is located directly across the street from the Employment Center, where Carlie and I spend most of our time every week. The following photos exemplify the effort many business establishments are willing to spend to celebrate Christmas. These first photos were taken during my lunch hour; they are followed by pictures of the same building after dark.

The first picture is that of a choir that the Bradesco Bank puts together every year.  The choir performs three 15 minute shows of holiday music each day. Behind the choir are inset areas where holiday scenes are displayed.

A group of us got together last Wednesday night to see what Avenida Paulista looked like after dark.

One block west of the Employment Center is São Paulo's Metropolitan Art Museum (MASP) seen below. And directly across the street from the MASP is Trianon Park, where many of the beautiful trees are illuminated at night. Even during the day these trees are beautiful!

Two or three blocks further west of where we work, the City has built a temporary bridge-like structure over Avenida Paulista to welcome the Christmas season. Here is that structure as seen from both sides, as well as the decorations inside when crossing over Avenida Paulista.

Here are a few more pictures of Avenida Paulista at Christmas time.

As you can see, Santa is everywhere; seated on buildings,

Santa on a parachute,

Santa on stilts,

Even driving a car!


For the spiritual side of Christmas, Carlie and I were invited to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day at the Mission Training Center (CTM) here in São Paulo.  On Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the missionaries, followed by a devotional, and then watched Miracle on 34th Street (the remake) with the missionaries, followed by an ice cream snack in the cafeteria.

The following pictures of the cafeteria were taken during the ice cream break.

To culminate the evening, President and Sister Clark invited all the senior missionaries to their apartment on the third floor of the CTM, because they wanted to express their gratitude for all we do while serving at the CTM.  Here are a couple of pictures I took while there.

We then retired to our room, where we had the opportunity to share the same living quarters that each of the young missionaries share.  However, our room was on that side of the MTC that is reserved only for the Sisters. 

On Christmas Day, all the missionaries were invited to dress casually, and spend the morning playing board games (Yatzee, UNO, puzzles, etc).  Carlie elected to work on a puzzle with several other senior missionaries, while I spent the morning teaching a group of six missionaries how to play Yatzee. Other missionaries elected to play basketball or volleyball.

Here are some pictures of the CTM cafeteria, running track, volleyball and basketball courts, and an open air picnic area that the missionaries enjoy during their stay at the CTM.

Like Carlie says, we are like "Rock Stars" to some of the missionaries; hence, they wanted their picture taken with us, and we with them.  Here are a couple of them.

I took a picture of these two missionaries, because the one on the right, Elder Delgado, is from the island nation of Cabo Verde, off the west coast of Africa, where Portuguese is the national language.  He has been called to serve in Mozambique.  He has been a member of the Church for 1 year and 3 months, and is the only member in his family. Amazing!

We then said our good byes, and headed home to await the opportunity to "Skype" or talk to each of our children on Vonage.  Only then will Christmas 2010 be complete!


Chelsea Pratt said...

What fun decorations. It's really cool to see the MTC, too. I think your Christmas was probably more rewarding than ours. We were just gluttonous and sat around. Thanks for sharing! We love you both:)

Dan and Dee said...

Loved the pictures and captions! What a hoot to see the bunk beds...also, there doesn't seem to be a problem believing in Santa Clause in Sao Palo! The temp. bridge was interesting too---it looked like you could actually walk over it from your photos..or you have a good telephoto lens. I miss you guys but hopefully we will be on a mission too in a couple of years and you can write to us!

One Big Happy Family said...

You both look fabulous!! Do you really have to sleep in bunk beds????

megan said...

It really does look like a wonderful Christmas! And Sao Paulo has so much beautiful architecture. That building across the street from you is beautiful! Miss you guys! Our life out in the country is Washington is so different! I can't wait to serve a mission!

Anonymous said...

our family is always the last to catch up on things...just read thru several of your posts and am so happy to see all you're accomplishing and experiencing in Brazil. I saw Bro. and Sis. Shirtliff (sp? at a conference this past weekend and they asked about you both and mentioned they were/are work at the temple and knew you thru serving there together. Are you sure you can't stay on for another Christmas and we can come visit there for a Brazilian Christmas?? thanks always for your love and example!

Love, Anna Lisa and family

Anonymous said...

didn't mean to show as ANONYMOUS :)

Jeremy and Anna Lisa said...

here we are! it's been so long since i've posted on anyone's blog i didn't remember how to show up...sorry for taking up room for comments