02 June 2010

On our recent trip to Santa Maria we looked up one of David's 1965 baptisms, brother Gideon Gay.  He's 90 years old and still sharp as a tack.  We had a nice visit in his ward where we got to do the music and bear our testimonies.  This man has been a great influence on many of the people in Santa Maria, and we were thanked by quite a few of them.  Oh, the tender mercies of the Lord!


One Big Happy Family said...

But....did he remember that David was the Elder who baptized him???? That's so awesome for David to be reunited with him (maybe someday I can go back and be reunited with some of mine!). Love you guys!!!!

Chelsea Pratt said...

How awesome! That's something most people only dream about!!! I am wondering if any of mind are still active:(