09 March 2010

In the MTC and loving it!

All: We've finished a whole week at the MTC in Provo, and I can tell you that it has been a whirlwind of activity. We're up early, rushing to different training sessions and then enjoying special firesides and devotionals. I have been trying to learn some Portuguese, but we're kept so exhausted that I can't spend much time at it. Our Visas finally came and they are for 12 months, which means we'll have to renew when we are in Brazil. We have gained such a testimony of the Lord's programs, most especially the Perpetual Education program and the Employment/Welfare Resources program which we are in. There are miracles waiting to happen all over the world when these programs are in full swing. We've made many acquaintances and even met some distant cousins here in the MTC. All of the young missionaries open doors for me, and we get to go to the front of the line in the cafeteria. I guess old age does bring a few privileges. We love you all and miss you, too. We will update soon. We fly to Sao Paulo on Monday the 15th!


Jo said...

Hi Carlie!

I'm excited to hear your adventure as they unfold over the coming months and years. Also wanted thank you for sending a picture that Teigan included in the video she made when I was in the hospital. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to see your smiling faces! Made the many miles feel shorter and the "isolation" less discouraging. Tell Dave hello for us. We will check in periodically to hear of your fun! Wishing you safety and health! Love, Jo : )

Chelsea Pratt said...

Wow! The time has really flown. We are so excited for you all. Keep us posted. We love you both and we'll call you on Skype soon.